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Fatima Haider
Fatema Haider is specialised in Organizational Development and Employee Engagement.  She joined Zain Bahrain Bsc, in February 2010. Throughout her years in Zain Bahrain, Fatema contributed to the design of strategic campaigns to engage Zain Bahrain employees to drive the organization strategic objectives and sustainable growth.
In addition to that, Fatema is highly specialized in designing and redesigning strategic communication campaigns that align with the organization’s directions.
Fatema is the Employee Engagement Ambassador representing Zain Bahrain in leading and maintaining its performance excellence driven culture. She is highly dedicated to developing a culture that embraces change by maintaining a unique work place that empowers employees to perform through a well-established performance management channels. 
In 2017, Fatema was assigned as a Woman Empowerment Ambassador to lead the cultural transformation. Currently, she is appointed as the Sponsor of Diversity and inclusivity representing Zain Bahrain.
Fatema holds a bachelor’s in business administration from Arab Open University in Bahrain. Nominated by the General Manager of Zain Bahrain Bsc, Fatema recently completed 2018 Centered Leadership program by McKinsey and Company.
Fatema is a person who respects authenticity yet embraces change.

Keynote Speaker
 Organisational Development  
  Zain Bahrain